The Love of Money

In my life I have gone from being poor to poorer, back to poor and then to middle class. Growing up, my family perpetually hovered over the poverty line. All of my clothes were hand-me-downs, as were all of our vehicles (well, except the one that was bought from a junkyard for $50. It wasn’t bad until it left me, my mom and sister on the side of the road). We had a roof over our heads, though, so we were wealthier than some.Read More »

Finding The Positive In A Negative

Sometimes it’s difficult to focus on the positive when you feel like you’re being inundated with nothing but negative. I know this because I’ve been in that darkness many, many times. Before I met my husband and we got married I was a pretty negative person, and for the most part I had good reason. In the five years that has passed, however, my outlook on life has done a complete turnaround.Read More »

“It Must Be Nice…”

There are a few sayings or phrases that I’m honestly just so tired of hearing, but this one makes the top of the list. Generally, when I hear this phrase it’s directly after I’ve told someone that I work part-time (or, currently am looking for part-time work). It never fails and it doesn’t matter really who I tell it to. When I say that I work 20 hours or so a week, I hear, “Well, it must be nice to not have to work full time.”Read More »

Learning From Failure

I’ve been gone for a while due to some things happening in my life. In the past month I have lost a job, gained a job and then lost that one. I’ve dealt with depression and self-hatred and frustration and pain. I’ve had nervous breakdowns and many, many moments of doubt.

One thing I’ve learned during the last 28 years is that life doesn’t care about your plans or wants or needs. There really is no rhyme or reason to life; it just is. That’s not to say that there is nothing to live for, just that trying to figure out why things happen the way they do is sort of fruitless.Read More »

Zenni Optical: A Review

Disclaimer: I am not being paid in any way, shape or form to do this post. As a matter of fact, Zenni doesn’t even know I exist. I’m doing this post because I was helped immensely by this company and I want to share that with others.
Second Disclaimer: My husband wanted me to name this post “Zenni For The Winni” but I didn’t. You’re welcome. 

Having bad eyesight is bad enough, but when you consider the fact that corrective options are mad expensive and most insurance doesn’t cover vision (because, you know, your eyes aren’t a part of your body or anything…) it just makes it all worse.Read More »