From Cigarettes To E-Cigs: Have I Really “Quit”?

Dangers of E-Cigs

There are a lot of articles out there discussing the safety of e-cigs, as there should be. However, the evidence is not very conclusive yet and these haven’t been on the market long enough to really know what the long-term effects are.

If you’re smoking liquid that contains nicotine, you’re causing damage. Nicotine has been found to cause a litany of health problems, so whether you’re getting it through a cigarette or vapor, you’re running the risk of developing those problems.

I’ve seen numerous articles passed around Facebook talking about “popcorn lung” from vapor, but no one seems to want to dig deeper. So, the theory here is that because some of the e-liquids contain the same chemical that caused lung problems for people working in popcorn factories (hence the name), that they are inherently dangerous.

The problem with this is that not only did the study not link smoking e-cigs to getting popcorn lung (they only said that it should be looked into), but this same chemical is found in much higher concentrations in regular cigarettes, yet there has never been one documented case of popcorn lung in a smoker – whether they smoke cigarettes or an e-cig.

Are there risks to smoking e-cigs? Yes. For sure. You’re introducing foreign chemicals into your body through your lungs. There’s nothing healthy about that.

Does there need to be more research and regulation of e-liquids? Yes. For sure. It’s vitally important to know that what is on the label is actually in the bottle.

Is vaping safer than smoking? Most likely. Although I’m still inhaling chemicals, those chemicals aren’t things like formaldehyde and arsenic.

E-Cig vs Cigarette

It’s been five months since I bought a pack of cigarettes for myself and I have to say I’ve noticed improvement. It’s definitely different, but so far I’m happy.

My sense of smell has returned full-force. Sometimes this is great and other times, not so much. I’m smelling things now that I didn’t even know existed.

For instance, you know that smell when you first turn your AC on in your car? I can’t explain it, but I love that smell. I breathe it in as if I’m parched and it’s water. I never noticed before, but the AC in our house has the same smell and it’s great!

Also, the cost is much better. I was spending up to $6 a day sometimes on cigarettes, which means I was spending almost $200 a month. That’s unbelievably crazy to me. Now, I buy a jar of liquid for anywhere from $13 to $17 (I get discounts sometimes) once every week or so and a pack of coils for $16 once or twice a month. So I’m saving about $100 every month.

What has been the best thing, however, is that now my husband doesn’t have to put up with the smell all the time and he no longer is kissing an ashtray. The vapor smells like a bakery and it’s not harming him like the cigarette smoke was.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, I cannot say that I’ve “quit smoking”, because if something were to go wrong with my e-cig, I would go straight to the store to buy a pack of cigarettes. What I have done is moved over to a safer, cheaper and better smelling option with the intent to wean myself down over time.

Currently, I smoke liquid that has .6% nicotine in it. Eventually I hope to go down to no nicotine and then stop altogether. I don’t know how long this will take – it could take years – but I know I’ll do it.

The bottom line? I feel better, I’m saving money and I’m not harming my husband with second hand smoke. So all in all, transitioning to e-cigs has been a good decision so far. I might find out one day that the long term effects are horrible, but I know that the long term effects of smoking cigarettes are horrible, so I think I’ll take my chances.

3 thoughts on “From Cigarettes To E-Cigs: Have I Really “Quit”?

  1. It blows my mind how much alike we are! I tried smoking friends cigarettes in high school but it was just playing around. When I bought my first pack when I turned 18 but I really did only smoke once in a while. I have always dealt with a lot of stress. My mother had bad problems with both drugs and alcohol and I had to be the adult from a very young age. I pretty much because my mother’s mother when I was about 5 or 6. She would come to me crying and drunk a lot.

    I went through a bad relationship that ended after I was diagnosed with MS. I was battling a lot of depression issues and went back to smoking and drinking a little too much every day. Luckily when I met my husband I told him that I felt I was slipping into bad ways with drinking and needed to stop and I did but, he was and still is a smoker.
    I ended up having my first really bad flare up from the MS, was on high steroids and quit smoking all at the same time. I will admit, every now and then if we were out with friends drinking, I would sneak a few cigarettes but never bought a pack.
    After I did successfully quit, I never bought cigarettes but was still battling anxiety and depression so I did buy an e-cig that tastes like strawberry. I know both cigarettes and the e-cigs are not good for people, especially with MS but there is limited nicotine in the one I have!!

    It is amazing what stress and anxiety makes us do and what helps us get through is not really healthy but we do what we have to do! Take care sweetie! I am sure the more I read the more I will see how much alike we are. It is comforting!!

    1. Oh, wow! We really are a lot alike! That’s incredible! Like kindred spirits! 🙂

      I still will have one here or there, but I’m shocked at how I just don’t even think about them anymore. A few weeks after I started using my e-cig my husband and I went to a friend’s show at a local bar that allowed smoking inside. I really didn’t know how I would make it but even smelling that smoke I didn’t break. It really is a mental thing, I think.

      Yes, stress can make you do a lot of not-so-healthy things, but I think that getting through to the other side is most important.

      I’m not sure if your situation is the same, but I saw multiple people lose people who they thought would stick by them after a diagnosis of something like MS or ALS and it always made me so upset. I’m glad you’ve found someone to stick by you though! I’m sorry you had to go through all of that, but I feel like it helped you deal with that MS diagnosis. You’re obviously a very strong woman and I’m glad I share similarities with you!

      1. I am glad the e-cig works for you! They smell so much better. I honestly do not think I could smoke a real one again. I guess if stress got high enough I would not have a problem with it!

        It really is sad how people act towards those with illness, like MS. I was actually married before. It was a mistake I am as an 18 year old child. I married someone a lot older than me. He was proud to have a young wife that was Miss VT Teen, way back in the day. When I was diagnosed, he got a girlfriend and the 3 of us did not see things the same. Like I said, it was a child’s mistake. Even though my husband now is dealing with his own set of issues he is supportive. He tries to understand but I don’t think he does fully!
        That is hilarious,w e are like kindred spirits. I am so glad I have been able to get to know you. You are a fantastic person!!!!!

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