Zenni Optical: A Review

Disclaimer: I am not being paid in any way, shape or form to do this post. As a matter of fact, Zenni doesn’t even know I exist. I’m doing this post because I was helped immensely by this company and I want to share that with others.
Second Disclaimer: My husband wanted me to name this post “Zenni For The Winni” but I didn’t. You’re welcome. 

Having bad eyesight is bad enough, but when you consider the fact that corrective options are mad expensive and most insurance doesn’t cover vision (because, you know, your eyes aren’t a part of your body or anything…) it just makes it all worse.

I’ve had bad eyesight since I was about 5 years old. I’ll never forget the day that I looked up at my mom and said, “Mama, when I look at you with this eye (my left) you’re all blurry.” She immediately got me to an eye doctor who promptly gave me a pair of glasses that I just refused to wear.

Because of my stubbornness, my right eye had to overcompensate to make up for the bad vision in the left eye. This eventually made it to where the vision in both eyes was bad. Go me!

When I was about thirteen, I started wearing contacts. I loved my contacts because I hated the way I looked in glasses. Especially since the only glasses that Medicaid would pay for were hideous. So, for about ten years I wore contacts every day and had my Medicaid glasses for emergencies only. Luckily my eyesight, which is 20/400 in the left eye and 20/200 in the right, hasn’t really changed since I was thirteen.

My Vision Revelation

About five years or so ago, I suddenly couldn’t wear contacts anymore. My eyes are so dried out that it doesn’t matter which solution I use; within minutes my eyes would burn and become red. I was stuck with those ugly glasses and I hated it. Even worse was the fact that I just genuinely could not afford to buy new ones. I didn’t have vision coverage and every pair was over $100.

Then I saw a commercial for Zenni and was intrigued. At first, I admit I was super skeptical. A pair of glasses for less than $10? Psh, yeah. Okay... But, I was wrong.

Zenni Optical review

All I needed was a recent prescription – which I actually had because for a short time I did get vision coverage but it didn’t cover enough for me to afford glasses. After that, you just pick out the frames you want, pay a small shipping fee and viola! New glasses!

Again, though, I was suspicious up until the point that they arrived in the mail. I just knew that this was too good to be true and that they were going to be completely wrong. I bought three pair at one time and all of them were perfect. I was truly amazed.

Then, I went even further! Remember how my vision started going bad when I was around five? Well, from the age of five to twenty five, I never owned a pair of prescription sunglasses. Being as perpetually broke as I was, prescription sunglasses were a luxury that I didn’t even think about. That is, again, until I found Zenni.

Zenni Optical Review

I bought a pair of sunglasses from Zenni for less than $40, shipping included. Prescription sunglasses went from a luxury to a necessity overnight and I was finally able to afford them. I mean, I live in Florida – we aren’t “The Sunshine State” for no reason, ya know. Before finding these I literally would either just live my life squinting or do the unthinkable and put non-prescription sunglasses over my prescription sunglasses. It was an awful, awful time.

Final Thoughts

Bad vision is a pain, especially if you can’t afford most of the corrective options or if the options you can afford make you look silly. Lasik is expensive and sorta scary, contacts are awesome if you can afford and wear them, and glasses are generally overpriced.

If you find yourself in the position I was in – where you can’t afford any of that up there and the glasses you have make you look like a generic, less-awesome version of Harry Potter – Zenni might have what you’re looking for.

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