Anxiety Is…

Today’s post is going to be a bit different. Here it is:


Anxiety is waking up in a cold sweat even though you don’t have a fever.

Anxiety is chest pressure even though you aren’t sick.

Anxiety is numbness in your fingers even though you don’t have nerve damage.

Anxiety is being fatigued even though you have no physical reason to be.

Anxiety is being dizzy even though your inner-ear is fine.

Anxiety is being nauseated even though you don’t have a stomach bug.

Anxiety is having shortness of breath even though you’ve been sitting still.

Anxiety is feeling over-stimulated even though you haven’t had any caffeine.

Anxiety is having muscle tightness or weakness even though you’ve stretched.

Anxiety is being unable to sleep even though you’re exhausted.

Anxiety is having an overwhelming fear or dread even when everything’s fine.

Anxiety is shivering even though you aren’t cold.

Anxiety is feeling like your throat is closing even though you’re not allergic.

Anxiety is feeling like you’re in a dream even though you aren’t sleeping.

Anxiety is feeling like your skin is crawling even though you aren’t covered in bugs.

Anxiety is never being in control of your thoughts, emotions or body.

Anxiety is exhausting.

Anxiety is crippling.