Overlooked Victims of Domestic Abuse

*Note: In this post I will be using heterosexual relationships as the main example due to the ultimate point. However, this type of abuse is not discriminatory; it can — and does — occur in all romantic (and sometimes even platonic) relationships.

Coercive Control

Coercive control is a type of domestic abuse in which the abuser uses the following tactics to keep the victim in line:Read More »

The Pain I Hide

Before my accident, the worst physical pain I’d ever endured was a broken ankle and that passed. As a matter of fact, any physical pain I had ever experienced passed, so I was of the belief that all physical pain was fleeting. That was the difference, I thought, between the two: emotional pain latched on and hung around, physical pain subsided over time.Read More »

The Love of Money

In my life I have gone from being poor to poorer, back to poor and then to middle class. Growing up, my family perpetually hovered over the poverty line. All of my clothes were hand-me-downs, as were all of our vehicles (well, except the one that was bought from a junkyard for $50). There were many nights when my dinner consisted of a can of beans or corn. We had a roof over our heads, though, so we were wealthier than some.Read More »